Exclusive: Third alleged Sir Clement Freud abuse victim was left 'paralysed by fear'

Vicky Hayes told ITV Exposure of the abuse she alleges she suffered at the hands of Sir Clement Freud, who died in 2009. Credit: ITV Exposure

A third alleged victim of Sir Clement Freud has told ITV News she was "paralysed by fear" after being targeted by the late politician and broadcaster.

Vicky Hayes, who was befriended by Freud after he met her when she waited on him in her family's fish and chip shop in Lincoln, told of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Freud.

He died in 2009 and has been accused of abusing two girls in the late 1940s and 1970s, as revealed by ITV Exposure.

She claims the late politician started to show an interest in her while she was still just 14 before later making sexual advances towards her when she was 17.

Recalling how he invited her to go to Newmarket Races to the 1000 Guineas with him when she was 17 she said she remembered "more or less everything about this trip" - a trip during which she alleges that he took her virginity.

Vicky with her father on her wedding day Credit: Family Handout

Vicky, now 64, says that once she had been plied with alcohol she was taken back to an empty house where Sir Clement proceeded to abuse her and she was "paralysed by fear".

"It was absolute grooming, a young lass", she added.

Suffolk Police have confirmed an historic allegation of rape occurring more than 40 years ago was made to them in 2014, against a man who was deceased.

Officials said the allegation was was formally recorded but as the suspect was no longer alive, there were no further lines of enquiry.

  • Exposure: Abused & Betrayed - A Life Sentence will be broadcast on ITV at 11:05pm on Wednesday 15th June

Vicky with her husband Chris who she confided in about the abuse. Credit: Family Handout