Former PM Gordon Brown says Jo Cox shooting was 'devastating blow to democracy'

Labour's Gordon Brown has paid tribute to Jo Cox describing her as "the most vivacious, personable, dynamic and committed friend you could ever have".

He said that he and his wife Sarah worked with Ms Cox and her husband Brendan working with families in poverty.

Brown added that she had visited some of the most dangerous places in the world, adding: "The last place she should have been in danger was in her home town."

Jo Cox leaves behind her husband Brendan and two children Cuillin and Lejla. Credit: PA

The 41-year-old Labour MP died after she was shot on the street in Birstall, West Yorkshire outside a library where she held regular surgeries in her constituency.

Sarah Brown also released a statement saying she is "heartbroken" and describing Ms Cox as having a "truly remarkable spirit and passion ".