Sunday newspapers pick their sides on EU referendum

Credit: Reuters

Four major Sunday newspapers have announced their positions on the upcoming EU referendum just days ahead of the national vote.

The Mail on Sunday and the Observer both announced they were backing the EU Remain camp while Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph both urged their readers to vote for Brexit.

This weekend was the last possible opportunity for the Sunday papers to take a decisive position on what is expected to be a tight-run vote.

The declarations have considerably boosted the number of national newspapers which have taken a public stance over the issue.

Newspapers backing Remain:

  • The Guardian

  • The Times

  • The Mail on Sunday

  • The Observer

Newspapers backing Leave:

  • The Sun

  • The Sunday Times

  • The Sunday Telegraph

  • The Daily Express

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the Mail on Sunday's backing for Remain, in contrast to its sister paper the Daily Mail's largely pro-Brexit stance. Today the Sunday paper warned that a vote to leave could "risk the peace and prosperity" of the UK.

Meanwhile The Sunday Times joined its stablemate the Sun in pushing for a vote to leave, though The Times has come out for Remain.

All four Sunday papers which announced a stance explained their position in editorials.

This is what they said:

The Mail on Sunday:

The Sunday Telegraph:

The Sunday Times:

The Observer: