Video emerges of Boris Johnson supporting the European single market

A video has emerged of Leave campaigner Boris Johnson saying in a 2013 interview that he would vote to stay in the European single market.

When asked by former ITV News deputy news editor Darren Burn how he would vote in an EU referendum, Mr Johnson says: "I'm in favour of the single market, I want us to be able to trade freely with our European friends."

The comment stands in stark contrast with the former London mayor's outspoken campaign rhetoric in favour of Britain leaving the EU.

The risks of remaining in this over-centralising, over-regulating, job-destroying machine are becoming more and more obvious.

Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson has said Britain would lose its influence in the world and "go down the plughole" if it left the EU.

This is a great country and great economy, and I think people know we can do brilliantly if we take back control not just of huge sums of money, but our immigration policy and our tax and our trade policies.

Boris Johnson

In an ITV referendum discussion earlier this month, Mr Johnson insisted that Britain would still have access to the single market in the event it left the EU - a claim refuted by Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

Mr Johnson has also stood by the Leave campaign's central argument that Britain sends the EU around £350 a million a week - a statement that was recently described by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as "dishonest" and an "outright lie".