Charlie Sheen denies infecting any sexual partners with HIV

Charlie Sheen has denied ever infecting any of his sexual partners with HIV and described such stories as "bull****".

The former Two And A Half Men actor went public with his diagnosis in November revealing he was diagnosed four years earlier.

In an interview with TV presenter Piers Morgan, Sheen admitted not always telling his partners he had the illness.

But he insisted he never had sex with them without protection.

He said: "The only couple of times I didn't tell somebody was because the last 25 times I'd told somebody, they used it against me, and they used my medical condition for their own folly and financial gain.

"And the amount of despicable charlatans that I thought were allies, that then turned against me, they were coming out of the woodwork, it was crazy."

Sheen says he has only slept with one person since his diagnosis. Credit: PA

Since going public with his HIV status, Sheen has been hit by allegations from previous partners.

These include former fiancee Brett Rossi and ex-girlfriend Bree Olson, that he had unprotected sex without telling them he had the STD.

Asked if he had put anyone else at risk by having unprotected sex, Sheen said: "I never did. On all five of my children, and my granddaughter, I never did. Because I wouldn't do that to someone. I would not. How could I explain it later?

"And here's the great news: no one has been infected by me. No one.

"They claim the sorrow and the pity or whatever, but that's on them, and again I know the truth."

Sheen on The Graham Norton Show. Credit: PA Wire

In a wide-ranging interview, Sheen also teased that he slept with the daughter of a government minister 20 years ago.

Refusing to reveal her name, he explained: "That's all I can speak to it, because it's not fair."

The actor said since he publicly revealed his HIV diagnosis, he had only slept with one woman.

"Still waiting for her to call back! It's okay. It's a drought - sure - but for the right reasons. There's other things to focus on," he added.

Sheen claims Donald Trump once gave him fake cufflinks. Credit: Reuters

Turning to political matters, Sheen said he would support Donald Trump if he was elected president of the United States despite not being a fan.

In an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Sheen claimed Trump once gave him platinum diamond cufflinks as a wedding gift - which turned out to be fake.

"Little did he know that about six months later I had some jewellery getting appraised at the house.

"I explained the cufflinks were from Donald Trump and the appraiser spent about four seconds and kind of recoiled from it - much like people do from Trump.

"She says, 'in their finest moment this is cheap pewter and bad zirconias. And they're stamped Trump."

"And I just thought, what does this really say about the man?"