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EU referendum: Your guide to polling day

A polling station sign in north London. Credit: PA

Finally all the talking is about to stop and you will have the chance to decide whether you want the UK to be a part of the European Union or not.

Here's your guide to EU referendum polling day.

  • When is the EU referendum?

The EU Referendum is being held on Thursday June 23.

  • Who can vote?
The flag of the European Union. Credit: DPA / PA

All British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over the 18 who are residents in the UK - along with residents who have lived abroad for less than 15 years who are on the electoral register - are eligible to vote.

Citizens from other EU countries - including Ireland - will not be allowed to vote.

  • Where do we vote?
A polling station in Storrington, West Sussex. Credit: PA

You'll be sent a card stating your polling station. You can find your nearest station by clicking here.

You don't need to take your poll card with you to vote, however in Northern Ireland you will need to bring a correct form of ID.

  • When do we vote?

Polling stations will be open nationwide from 7am to 10pm on Thursday June 23.

You can no longer vote by post, as applications closed on June 8.

  • What is the question?
The EU Referendum poll card. Credit: Reuters

The question you will need to answer is: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?"

  • I want to take photos of my vote!

Photos taken outside polling stations are allowed - but the same rules for General Elections apply.

Therefore you can't take any images inside the polling station as you may find yourself in breach of secrecy of the ballot requirements.

  • What happens to your vote?
Remain or Leave? The decision will be announced at Manchester Town Hall. Credit: PA

Your vote will be taken to a regional counting centre at 10pm.

Once all the votes in your area have been counted, a returning officer will declare the result.

There will be 382 council declarations on the night (380 councils in the UK, plus one for Northern Ireland and one for Gibraltar).

The council results will then be collated at 12 regional centres across the country, with the official declaration given at Manchester Town Hall.

  • When will the results be announced?

The results will be coming in as soon as the polling stations close at 10pm, and will last throughout the night.

Sunderland is expected to be among the first to declare, with rural areas in West Sussex and Suffolk likely to be the last.

You can follow all the action by watching Referendum Result Live: ITV News Special, from 10pm on June 23.