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Gary Lineker bombarded with abuse for backing Remain

Gary Lineker - pictured with David Cameron in 2014 - is backing the Remain campaign. Credit: PA

Gary Lineker received a torrent of abuse on twitter after announcing that he is backing the Remain campaign in Thursday's referendum.

The Match of the Day presenter said there were "plenty of reasons to remain but barely any to leave", adding that he "loves being part of Europe".

In a separate tweet, the former England striker said "it's worth taking the time to get the facts from an expert before voting tomorrow".

Lineker's backing for Remain sparked a hail of abuse from social media users, with one posting the message: "That's because your (sic) rich like all the establishment."

Another wrote: "It's easy for you to say, travelling around the world talking about football. Not the working class..££".

Lineker also received comments saying: "Funny how all the millionaires do, eh chap?", with another adding: "That's because your (sic) rich like all the establishment. Nice house, private health care ect ect (sic)".

But the ex Leicester forward hit back at the abuse, saying: "If you vote leave, then I'll respect your view, as you should respect mine. The hatred and bitterness is neither helpful nor necessary."

Others, however, had more humour, with one commenting: "Crisps will be cheaper though, Gary..."

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