Michael Gove tells ITV News he is sorry for comparing EU referendum experts to Nazis

Michael Gove has apologised for comparing EU economic experts to Nazis.

The justice secretary told ITV News that his comments were "clumsy".

"Yes I am sorry. I was asked a direct question and I answered it in a clumsy way with an inappropriate historical analogy."

He added: "I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone with that so I regret it, I misspoke and I apologise."

Gove made the remarks to LBC Radio on Tuesday, saying experts could not always be trusted and pointed to the Nazi scientists used to denounce Albert Einstein to back up his point.

David Cameron, his friend but EU rival, condemned the remarks, saying Mr Gove "has lost the plot".

He told ITV News: "I think the idea that as one of the Leave campaign said that we should compare experts to Nazi propagandists, I think is nonsense and shows they're losing the plot."

Fellow Leave campaigner Boris Johnson defended Gove telling BBC Radio 4's World at One: "Michael Gove has run an absolutely fantastic campaign and he is right in what he says, I think.

"Some of these experts, they totally failed to foresee the crash of 2008. They got it 100% wrong."