Vote Leave tries to take back control after campaign overshadowed by Gove's Nazi jibe

Boris Johnson meets supporters during a rally. Credit: PA

Whatever message Boris Johnson was hoping to get across in the last hours of his campaign today, Michael Gove's comment comparing pro-EU economic experts to those in the pay of the Nazis was, he admitted to me, a "distraction".

He went on to defend Mr Gove saying: "He was using a metaphor".

The metaphor was that experts who'd warned of the dangers of leaving the EU were like the Nazis who'd smeared Albert Einstein in the 1930's.

Boris Johson arrived by helicopter. Credit: Louisa Felton

Boris Johnson was in Selby in North Yorkshire on Wednesday afternoon where he told supporters the choice facing voters was: "Who is basically in charge of this wonderful country of ours?"

He refused to be drawn on whether he would stand for the Tory leadership if Vote Leave won and David Cameron stood down, insisting he hoped he'd stay on as Prime Minister.