#dogsatpollingstations: EU referendum voters exercise electoral rights and pet pooches at same time

Gary Howard, owner of the Little Braxted Bakery in Essex, arrives at the polling station set up in his own tea rooms with a pair of helpers. Credit: Nick Ansell / PA Wire

Voters in the EU referendum are killing two birds with one stone today. Not only are they exercising their electoral right, but they exercising their pet pooches at the same time.

However, unlike being able to take your own pen into the polling station, you're not able to take your dog inside. As a result, many pets have been snapped waiting patiently for their owners.

Twitter users have taken to social media to document this (of course) and #dogsatpollingstations is now trending in the UK.

We thought it was only right that we sum up some of our favourites:

Some made themselves comfortable while they settled down to wait.

Luckily the rain didn't deter others.

Other appeared pensive on the issue at hand.

All sorts of dogs were taken along.

From big

To small