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Andy Coulson: There will be no Conservative rebellion if result is close either way

The Conservative Party will not be in state of rebellion if the result of the EU referendum is close, David Cameron's former communications director Andy Coulson has said.

In his first television interview since being released from prison over phone hacking at the News of the World, Mr Coulson told ITV News's Tom Bradby that the "mechanics" of trying to unseat David Cameron are "pretty improbable at the moment".

He conceded that the prime minister would face a difficult job in bringing the party back together if Britain narrowly votes to remain, but insisted that "a win is a win".

Mr Coulson said: "David Cameron will have been at that stage - if that's what happens - a prime minister who got the party over the line in 2010, who won an election in 2015 - that was absolutely against all predictions and against the odds - who has taken two of the biggest issues in our the country and has ended up on the winning side."

My sense this evening just from the mood of the place is it doesn't feel to me as though the Conservative Party is ripe for rebellion at the moment, but of course, it's all about the numbers as ever in politics, and we'll see what the results look like later in the evening.

– Andy Coulson

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