How you debated the key EU referendum talking points on Facebook

Analysis shows the 25-34 age group talked about the EU referendum on Facebook more than any other throughout the campaign, but older generations were more engaged in specific topic areas.

The economy was most talked about by 35-44 year-old's (22.5 per cent) and least discussed by the youngest age group, 18-24 (10.2 per cent).

The 35-55 year-old age group were also the most engaged in conversation about immigration and health.

The youngest age group (18-24) cared about the economy more than immigration and health, while the over 65s were more concerned about health, ahead of immigration and the economy.

Men were more engaged than women in each of the specific topic areas, but overall women discussed the EU referendum on Facebook more than men (50.6 per cent vs. 49.4 per cent).

The age group which talked about immigration most on Facebook was 35-44. Credit: Facebook
The over 65s discussed health over the course of the EU referendum campaign more than the economy and immigration. Credit: Facebook
Overall women were more engaged than men when talking about the EU referendum on Facebook. Credit: Facebook