Nicola Sturgeon says SNP may try to block Brexit

Credit: PA

Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that Scottish MPs may try to block the UK from leaving the EU.

The SNP leader announced that she believes the Scottish parliament would have to give "legislative consent" to laws taking Britain out of the bloc in an interview with the BBC's Sunday Politics Scotland programme

When asked whether she would ask parliament to block any such motion, she replied "of course".

Ms Sturgeon said she could imagine the "fury" such a move could spark in England, but added: "It is perhaps similar to the fury of many people in Scotland right now as we face the prospect of being taken out of the European Union against our will."

Although Britain voted to leave the EU, voters in Scotland backed remain.

Ms Sturgeon has made it clear that she is opposed to the country being taken out of the EU and has sought "immediate discussions" with Brussels over the issue.

Her SNP party controls 63 of the 129 Holyrood seats - but it is not clear that the Scottish parliament would have the power to block a Brexit.

Scottish Conservative MSP and law professor Adam Tomkins said that MSPs had "no such power".

He tweeted: "Lots of nonsense on here about Holyrood having power to block or veto Brexit. It has no such power."

"Holyrood has the power to show or to withhold its consent. But withholding consent is not the same as blocking."