Group aims to highlight any 'Worrying Signs' of xenophobia after Brexit vote

The 'Worrying Signs' group invites people to share their experiences. Credit: Facebook/Worrying Signs

A Facebook group has been set up to encouraging people to share alleged incidents of racism or xenophobia in the wake of the referendum vote for Britain to leave the European Union.

The "Worrying Signs" group invites people to share experiences and concerns and to post pictures and screen grabs relating to any alleged incidents.

Sarah Childs, who voted for Britain to remain in the EU, and is one of the group's creators, told ITV News it was set up in response to a number of incidents that had recently come to their attention.

"We wanted to collect them all together to show people the scale of the problem. It's easy to dismiss one post but when you see the album it's a lot harder.

"We have a lot of people asking us to just move on from the referendum result but the people affected by these incidents can't move on while this is happening," she added.

The group has also been collating social media posts relating to alleged xenophobic incidents. Credit: Facebook/Worrying Signs

Ms Childs also said it is hoped that by highlighting this issue "people will realise that we need a plan to tackle to social effects of Brexit just as much as we do the economic ones".