Jamie Oliver blasts Boris Johnson in expletive-filled Instagram rant

Jamie Oliver and Boris Johnson Credit: PA

Jamie Oliver has launched a furious and expletive-filled tirade against Boris Johnson, calling on the British public to ensure that the former London mayor does not become Prime Minister.

In an Instagram post in which the chef said that he was "sad" that the UK had voted to leave the European Union, he added that he would lose faith in the British people "forever" if the leave campaigner became David Cameron's successor.

The post - which was accompanied by a video of the EU flag fluttering in the breeze - then took a turn and the chef began an expletive laden rant against Mr Johnson.

Jamie Oliver's Instagram post. Credit: Instagram/Jamie Oliver

Mr Oliver, posting "from the beautiful island of Sardinia", urged the public to get behind his campaign to stop Mr Johnson becoming the next leader of the Conservative Party, calling on them to share the message on social media using the alliterative and expletive #B*****OffBoris.

The post ended in on a calmer note with Mr Oliver writing: "Trust and building relationships with other country's is the only currency that really works".