Politicians have been urged to "get out to more towns like Mansfield" to see why Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Mansfield voted 71% in favour of leaving but the optimism of victory in the Nottinghamshire town is being replaced by anger at what people are calling "London's anti-Brexit bias".

"The north and south divide is true - in London it's a bubble, a real, real bubble," Paul Ingam, Managing Director of P&P Clothing, told ITV News.

Leavers told our Social Affairs Editor Penny Marshall of their dismay at being labelled "little Englanders" for choosing Brexit.

Rachel French speaks to ITV News. Credit: ITV
Carer Jamal Harouche speaks to ITV News. Credit: ITV

Businesswoman Rachel French said politicians "need to get out to more places like this [Mansfield], and Boston and Leicester and see what people are up against".

Many residents we spoke to in Mansfield dismissed the idea that immigration played a part in their decision to leave the EU.

Gary Sykes, a charity worker in the town, said: "Our country has been built on immigration, and I don't think it's about immigration at all.

"I think the political parties have made it about two wishes: economy and immigration. No, it's more complicated than that", he added.

Our social affairs editor said: "If there was any disconnect between London before the referendum, it appears to have only deepened since."