German woman calls radio station in tears over xenophobic attacks

A distraught German woman called James O'Brien on LBC about racist attacks. Credit: LBC

A white German woman has called a radio programme on LBC in tears about recent xenophobic attacks that she has suffered since the EU referendum.

The caller, identified as Karen, said she was "living in fear" after her neighbours said they no longer wanted her to live on their street and dog faeces was thrown at her door.

She said she has been living in the UK since 1973 when she married a British man, but no longer feels comfortable since the 'Leave' camp won the referendum, and has not been out of the house for three days.

Karen added that she has always worked and lives in a middle-class area and she cannot go back to Germany as she does not know anybody there.

She said she felt very alone after being targeted by racists and also spoke about a friend's grandson who had been beaten up "because he has a foreign grandmother."

  • Listen to the LBC call in full below