Boris Johnson feels snubbed by Theresa May

So it is all kicking off between Johnson and May.

I was briefed by the Johnson side that third parties (the chief whip and Justine Greening) brokered a meeting between him and her on Monday at the Cabinet Office - and that he turned up and she snubbed him.

Her campaign manager swears on everything dear to her that the Home Secretary agreed to no such meeting.

And there are similar claims and denials about a subsequent attempt to unite the two sides.

It's bloody - made bloodier tonight by an unambiguous statement by Theresa May's team that there will be no deals with Boris Johnson, which his team feel a bit bruised by.

And in tomorrow's Times she writes that the new Tory leader must understand "hardship" and realise that politics is not a "game" - which most of her colleagues will read as code for "we'd be mad to choose another bleedin' opportunist Etonian".

What is funny or tragic, depending on your detachment from all this, will be that both will sell themselves to MPs and Tory members tomorrow as peacemakers, unifiers, One Nation Tories who will apply balm to the referendum-inflicted wounds of party and country.


As for unity between the two of them, I am not sure the UN could broker that.

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