The corner of northern France that is forever Yorkshire

It’s a Somme battlefield cemetery that is difficult to find. But it’s worth the effort, for it is a lovely resting place in a verdant landscape.

Meticulously cared for and blooming with the flowers of a typical British garden, the cemetery is a corner of northern France that is forever Yorkshire.

Buried here are the men of the 10th Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment, the unit that suffered the heaviest losses on the first day of the Somme.

By the time the sun set on July 1, 1916, the battalion had a casualty rate of 90%. Seven hundred men were dead, wounded or missing.

The 10th West Yorks are often described as one of the “forgotten” battalions and one of the main reasons is that so few of them survived to tell their story.

Like all the British and Commonwealth cemeteries in the Somme area, the one in which the Yorkshiremen lie, is on land that is “the free gift of the French people for the perpetual resting place of those in the Allied armies who fell in the 1914-18 war and are honoured here”.