Family misses Euro 2016 game after Sat Nav mix-up takes them to the wrong city of Lille

A family from Wales missed the Euro 2016 Russia versus Slovakia game after a Sat Nav mix-up took them to the wrong city of Lille.

Ian and Helen Williams had been due to go to the northern French city before heading to the fanzone the following day to watch Wales take on England.

The couple flew into Brussels with the intention of driving the short journey across the border to France.

However, their plans backfired when they typed "Lille" into a hired car's Sat Nav, not realising that there are two cities called Lille in Europe.

Instead of ending up in the French city, the Williams family found themselves in a small and little-known Belgian town.

"When the Sat Nav said we had arrived at our destination we could not see any football fans," Mr Williams said.

"The place was like a ghost town - all there was were small shops and Belgium flags."

Fans enjoy the Russia versus Slovakia match on June 15 that the Williams family missed. Credit: PA Wire

After realising the mistake, Mr Williams then turned around and drove the 200km back to France. However, by that time it was too late and the family had missed the June 15 game they had bought tickets for.

"I was really gutted," Mr Williams said. "I've still got the tickets for the Russia versus Slovakia game in my wallet.

"Luckily, we managed to get to the fanzone to see the Wales game as planned - even if the result wasn't what we'd hoped for."

The add further insult to injury, the couple had to pay 300 euros (£248) for a British Airways flight home after an airport baggage handlers' strike.

The experience has not deterred Mr Williams, however, who said he will be watching tonight's Wales versus Belgium game at his local pub.

"But if we win, I'm going to go out to Lyon to watch the semi-final," he added. "Thankfully, there's only one Lyon."