Iraq mourns Baghdad lorry bomb victims as death toll rises

At least 142 people have been killed in a devastating lorry bomb attack in a busy Baghdad street, Iraqi officials say.

A lorry, loaded with explosives, detonated in Karrada while families were shopping to mark the end of Ramadan.

Many of the victims are thought to be children.

The bombing, claimed by so-called Islamic State, was the deadliest attack in Iraq for more than a year.

ITV News' Dan Rivers, reporting from the city of Basra, said many believed the attack was a revenge strike by IS after Iraqi forces recaptured the city of Falluja last week.

One man who witnessed the attack said that people caught up in the explosion were unable to recognise their relatives as they were "engulfed in fire".

Another witness said "it was like an earthquake" when the bomb went off.

Officials say the death toll is likely to rise further, with rescuers still searching for missing people and the wounded still fighting for the lives.

Hours later, an improvised explosive device exploded in eastern Baghdad killing another five people.

Civilians react after the latest deadly attack in Karrada. Credit: Reuters
At least 83 people have been killed in the attack. Credit: Reuters
Three days of mourning has been announced. Credit: Reuters

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's vehicle was pelted with stones and bottles by angry residents as he attempted to visit the scene on Sunday.

He has declared three days of mourning for the victims.

The White House said the attack only strengthened the United States' resolve to confront IS, which it refers to as Isil.

"We remain united with the Iraqi people and government in our combinedefforts to destroy Isil," a statement said.