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Stephen Crabb on why he is the best person to be PM

Tory leadership candidate Stephen Crabb has defended his decision to stand despite being a relative newcomer compared to some of his rivals, insisting he has the experience to take on the biggest political job in the country.

He told Peston on Sunday: "I spent six years as a government minister, I spent two years in the cabinet running the largest spending department in the government.

"That experience actually compared better than some of the other candidates running in this leadership race," the Work and Pensions Secretary added.

"Most importantly, every job I've done, I've done it building a reputation for competence, showing that I can build teams around me, build bridges and get things done.

Provide a sense of direction and purpose, that's what I want to do for this country at this really difficult moment .

I wouldn't be throwing my hat in the ring if I genuinely didn't believe I had something to offer.

– Stephen Crabb

Remain or Leave labels 'risk splitting' Tory party

On the issue of Remain and Leave divisions with the Conservative Party over the EU referendum result, Mr Crabb said: "I think the quicker we get past using these labels the better.

The longer that we as colleagues use labels like Remain or Leave to describe each other, the deeper the division that will be in the party.

He added: "If we allow this leadership to be seen just through the prism of whether you are Leave or Remain we risk splitting the party. Mark my words."

Robert Peston pictured interviewing Stephen Crabb. Credit: ITV Peston on Sunday

"We're all committed to taking Britain out of the European Union. We all stood on a manifesto, all Conservative MPs, to hold a referendum and abide by the outcome of that referendum so we all share a commitment to taking Britain out of the EU.

"That's what builds trust and I think what really builds trust with members and the country at large is showing now we've got a clear idea about how we're going to do it and what our principles will be that will guide a negotiated exit," he added.