UK should keep its 'options open' over leaving EU: Blair

Credit: PA

Tony Blair has said that the government should keeps its "options open" over whether it leaves the EU as public opinion may yet change.

The former Labour prime minister pushed for a delay as he argued that the some of the arguments made for Brexit had "somewhat collapsed" since the close-run vote.

He suggested that many voters may reconsider their views as the details of a possible exit deal becomes clear, during an interview with Sky News.

One of the reasons why we should keep our options open is that yes, the referendum expressed the will of the people, but the will of the people is entitled to change.

Tony Blair

Mr Blair added: "I don't think you can override the settled will of the people but it's 52 to 48.

"Supposing some weeks or months down the line, as it becomes clear what we are moving to, as that becomes clear, if it becomes clear these terms are bad for us, if people start to worry about their jobs, we should just keep our options open."

I'm not saying we should have another referendum, I'm not saying you can revisit this. I'm simply saying there's no rule about this - we're a sovereign people we can do what we want to do.

Tony Blair

Mr Blair spoke out after suggestions that some voters who opted to leave have changed their minds in the aftermath of the referendum.

However, both the Prime Minister and that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have said they are not considering a second vote.