Andrea Leadsom: I can deliver fairness for people who struggle

Andrea Leadsom said that the UK leaving the EU is a "wake up call" for the EU at the official launch of her campaign to be the next leader of the conservative party on Monday.

She called the referendum a "great moment in history. Not just a historic opportunity for our country, but for Europe as a whole".

With regards to negotiations with the EU, she said that she plans to keep them short, and that she will do everything in her power to keep the UK united in the face of a potential second independence referendum in Scotland.

She said there should be guarantees for EU migrants already in the UK, saying they will not be used as a "bargaining chip".

Mrs Leadsom suggested that there is no need for a general election since people had already voted in a Conservative government.

She also pledged "billions of pounds more" will be invested in the NHS, and also said that "the richest people of Britain are not my priority", saying she speaks for people who feel the economy doesn't work for them.

"I know I can seize the great opportunities for the UK in leaving the EU, and I am confident that I can do it in a way that reaches out for those that didn't vote for it," she said, "I know I can deliver more fairness for people who struggle to make their way."

Ending her speech, she said: "I believe this nation can become the greatest nation on earth."