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'No place for hate' campaign held outside London stations

A campaign showing support for people affected by the increase in racist and xenophobic abuse since the EU referendum result is underway, with events taking place outside train stations across London.

Campaigners from London Citizens Credit: London Citizens

The "unity events" were organised by London Citizens, a community organising alliance, which said the aim was to show solidarity with communities.

Many London Citizens members have faced abuse personally. They will spread the message "Love London. No place for Hate".

London Citizens campaigners Credit: John Clifton

As a Mayor for all Londoners, I take seriously my responsibility to defend the capital's fantastic diversity. I will operate a zero tolerance approach to any attempt to hurt and divide our communities, and I have asked the Met Police to be extra vigilant in tackling this deeply worrying rise in hate crime.

London doesn't just tolerate difference, it celebrates it, so it's great to see London Citizens' members rallying together to show that there is no place for division in our communities.

I urge anyone affected by abusive behaviour to report it to the police immediately, and for Londoners to pull together and rally behind this great city now more than ever.

– Sadiq Khan, The Mayor of London

Esmat Jeraj, a member of South London Citizens, who was racially abused earlier this week, said: "We're not here to be labelled as victims. We're equal stakeholders of this rich and multicultural city, and are very concerned with the rise of bigotry and intolerance. Through this event we will take back control of our city and show the values that we all stand for; those of respect and equality."

Labour MP Neil Coyle taking part in a campaign supporting people affected by the increase in racist and xenophobic abuse

Canon Dr Angus Ritchie, of London Citizens, said: "London has a strong tradition of welcoming people from all backgrounds which we continue to champion. As London Citizens we are clear that there is no justification for hate crime, and our members wish to show that love will always trump hate."