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US police apologise for wrongful arrest of 'Islamic State suspect'

An armed US police officer stands guard. Credit: PA

Police in the US state of Ohio have apologised after detaining a man at gunpoint after accusing him of being a member of the so-called Islamic State.

The United Arab Emirates, where the man is from, has since warned its citizens to avoid wearing traditional garments when travelling abroad, for their own safety.

A separate ministry statement urged women to abide by bans on face veils in parts of Europe.

Ahmed al-Menhali was left unconscious and needing hospital treatment after being arrested by police in a hotel in Avon, following a tip-off on Friday.

Reports suggests al-Menhali, who was wearing traditional garments, was seen with "multiple phones" and was heard "pledging allegiance to IS", according to the sister of the hotel clerk.

Avon's mayor and police chief later held a televised meeting with al-Menhali to apologise.

Avon's law director John Gasior said he was "very sorry for the incident". while Richard Bosley, the head of Avon Police, said: "To disrespect you was not the intent of the acts of any of our officers".

This was a very unfortunate incident and does not reflect our community. Avon is proud to welcome visitors from the UAE and other countries, who regularly come to Northern Ohio for tourism, business, medical care or education.

– Bryan K. Jenson, City of Avon Mayor