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Who are the leading candidates to be the next Ukip leader?

Nigel Farage resigned as leader of Ukip on Monday. Credit: PA

Nigel Farage stood down as leader of the UK Independence Party on Monday morning, less than two weeks after leading Britain out of the European Union.

But who are the early favourites to take over as the next leader of the party?

  • Douglas Carswell - 6/4
Ukip MP Douglas Carswell. Credit: Anthony Devlin / PA

Douglas Carswell, Ukip's only MP, is the early favourite among the bookies, but said "absolutely not" when asked whether he would stand by ITV News.

Previously he said his chances of standing as candidate are "somewhere between nil and zero".

Carswell tweeted an emoji of a 'smiling face with sunglasses' after Nigel Farage gave his resignation speech, and when questioned on whether he should be the next leader, Farage responded sarcastically, saying: "That's a terribly good idea".

  • Paul Nuttall - 3/1
Paul Nuttall is an MP for Bootle. Credit: Peter Byrne / PA

Paul Nuttall is the Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party and MEP for the North West of England.

He was previously criticised for admitting he'd like to see parts of the NHS privatised.

  • Steven Woolfe - 4/1
Steven Woolfe is Ukip's Immigration spokesman. Credit: Gareth Fuller / PA

Steven Woolfe is the current Migration and Financial affairs spokesman for Ukip and MEP for North West England.

Woolfe is a key ally of Nigel Farage and tweeted his admiration for the former leader, saying we "owe him a great deal of thanks and gratitude".

  • Suzanne Evans - 5/2
Suzanne Evans was sacked twice by Nigel Farage. Credit: John Stillwell / PA

Suzanne Evans, the former deputy of the party, was suspended for six months earlier this year after a number of specific complaints was made against her.

It came just weeks after she was sacked as deputy chairwoman and welfare spokeswoman after saying Farage shouldn't lead the campaign to leave the EU alone.

Reports suggest she will be ineligible to be a candidate for the leadership race because of her current ban.

  • Patrick O Flynn - 12/1
Patrick O Flynn. Credit: Chris Radburn / PA

Patrick O Flynn, a former communications chief for Nigel Farage and economics spokesman, is a current MEP for the East of England region and is widely considered to be among the front runners for Ukip's top job.

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