Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane in the Adventures of Superman television series, has died aged 95.

The actress died at home in Tucson, Arizona, following a long illness.

Neill had a series of small film roles in the 1940s before playing the Daily Planet reporter. After the original Lois Lane left the series, Neill stepped back into the role that came to define her career.

Neill said she was often asked why Lane never caught on to Kent's secret identity, and would respond: "I didn't want to lose my job."

Adventures of Superman went of air in 1958 and a new season was never started again following the gunshot death of George Reeves - the actor who played Superman - which was ruled a suicide.

Following the death of Reeves, Neill ended her career, although she did appear in cameo roles of various productions of the Superman franchise.

I just figured I'd worked enough. I didn't have any great ambition. Basically, I'm a beach bum. I was married, we lived near the beach. That was enough for me.

Noel Neill speaking in 2006 on her decision to end her career