'British member of IS execution squad' sought wife on dating site to join him in Syria

An alleged British member of the infamous IS execution squad made a dating profile before he left Britain advertising for a wife to join him in Syria, ITV News can reveal.

Alexe Kotey, who also goes by the name Abu Salih, was identified in February as one of the so-called 'Beatles' who detained and killed a string of western hostages.

But a profile he made for himself before leaving London for Syria shows a more sensitive side to the former Christian convert.

In it, Kotey makes clear his hope of finding a devout potential partner.

And he describes his hopes the right woman would be happy to move with him to a Muslim land - known as "making hijrah".

The profile, posted on the Muslima website, includes a photograph of Kotey against a clear blue sky.

It is unclear when the former London schoolboy uploaded the page to the website but he is believed to have done so before leaving the UK for Syria.

Kotey also details personal information on the profile, including the fact he doesn't smoke and his status as a Sunni Muslim.

Kotey after he joined IS. Credit: ITV News

After posting it he is believed to have used an aid convoy as cover to travel to the Middle East before slipping across the border into Syria.

And far from settling down with a partner, he is believed to have joined 'Jihadi John' Mohammed Emwazi and Aine Davis as part of the core group of IS fanatics responsible for holding, torturing and killing a string of foreign hostages.

Emwazi was killed last December by a targeted strike by US drones.

Davis had been arrested the month before in Turkey over an alleged terror plot.

The whereabouts of Kotey remain unknown, but it is believed he is alive and is still an IS fighter.