Goldie Lookin Chain release video celebrating Wales' Euro 2016 performance

The band celebrate Wales' success through the art of rap. Credit: Facebook/Goldie Lookin Chain

After the dreams of a nation were crushed when Portugal knocked Wales out of Euro 2016 in a 2-0 defeat, comedy band Goldie Lookin Chain (GLC) have released an ode to the team.

With over 373,000 views on the band's Facebook page in just 11 hours, Wales Now It's Time To Dream, could be the band's biggest hit since the Guns Don't Kill People which shot them to fame in 2004.

In an attempt to boost the nation's positivity after their dreams of winning the football tournament took a Christiano Ronaldo-shaped dent, the band released a lyrical montage celebrating the team and their success.

To the tune of Justin Bieber's Love Yourself, GLC lament that they "got caught up thinking that we could win the whole thing"

But they said the team "would bounce back like a trampoline", saying "anything is possible when the Welsh crowd sing".

The band then take their ode "full Craig David", rapping along to the tune of Rewind.

The video then takes a "rappier" turn as the band lament the "Game of two halves" and commend the players for "working their socks off", before adding: "We'll be back next time to win the World Cup".