Police fire water cannon and tear gas on football fans during clashes in Paris

Credit: Reuters

French riot police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds of football supporters trying to enter a packed fan zone to watch the Euro 2016 final match.

Clashes broke out after the screening area in central Paris reached maximum capacity of 90,000 at around 7pm (5pm GMT), police said.

Some fans tried to force their way into the zone, located near the Eiffel Tower, to watch hosts France take on Portugal for the final match.

Water cannons were used on fans during the second half of the match while images also showed some football supporters being chased by riot police.

Fire services were also called to extinguish scooters and rubbish set alight just outside the fan zone.

Smoke hangs in the air during the clashes Credit: Reuters
Scooters and rubbish were also set alight Credit: Reuters
Water cannons were used during the second half of the match Credit: Reuters