Like moths to a game! Tiny wingers star in Euro 2016 final

The bright lights of the Stade de France stadium in Paris generated an unexpected star at the Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal.

Portuguese substitute Eder's first goal for his country claimed the glory in the 1-0 extra time win over the host nation.

But it was the moth who had earlier landed on the face of Eder's emotional team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo - brought to tears after a match-ending first-half injury - that got TV watchers in a flap.

The delicate 'winger' was not alone as swarms of the insects had been seen flying around the stadium throughout the evening.

The teams and officials were seen shaking off the uninvited guests in the build-up to kick off.

Ronaldo and his Portuguese team-mates had trained before the game surrounded by moths. Credit: PA
France were equally affected as Paul Pogba fended off the flapping creatures. Credit: PA
English officials, led by referee Mark Clattenburg, also saw their pre-match routine interrupted. Credit: PA

The interaction with Ronaldo captured the imagination of the Twitter audience as a series of accounts popped up in tribute to the game's unlikely talking-point.

TV viewers continued to spot the moths throughout the 120-minute match as they flew in front of the glare of the stadium cameras.

An ITV cameraman saw his view blurred in patches by the stadium invaders. Credit: PA

Security officials later confirmed the moths had flocked to the stadium after the floodlights had been left on through the night.

The winged wonders earned their place in modern football folklore. Credit: PA