Corbyn opponents try to fix vote

Even by Labour's recent history of giving shambles a good name, today's meeting of the ruling NEC takes the biscuit.

Because at the end of the meeting, after a couple of pro-Corbyn members had left, and Corbyn himself had gone, a vote was taken on a motion not on the agenda, to exclude from the leadership vote anyone who joined the party in the past six months. So the 130,000 who signed up since Brexit, most of whom are thought to be Corbyn supporters, will be unable to vote.

Now whatever you think of Corbyn, this looks and smells like gerrymandering by his opponents.

Corbyn will definitely attempt to get the vote over-turned. And he may resort to the law, since Labour's website made clear that membership bought a vote.

As for those who joined since January, they will be revolting.

That said, if anyone wants to take part in the election, they now have two days to pay £25 and become a registered supporter.

Which is the first example of the much feared post-Brexit inflation, since till today it cost just £3 to be such a voting supporter.