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Should we care about Theresa May's shoes?

Theresa May wore flamboyant kitten heels on Monday as she was officially declared Tory leader Credit: GMB/PA

Is it sexist to report on the future prime minister's choice of footwear?

Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan have clashed over coverage of Theresa May's shoes, as they discussed Tuesday's front page of The Sun that focuses on May's multi-coloured leopard-print kitten heels with the headline "Heel, boys."

Watch Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid clash over the coverage:

"Does this frustrate you - the constant focus on Theresa May's shoes?" Reid asks former Tory minister Esther McVey on the show.

But before McVey can answer, an incredulous Morgan interjects: "She's worn those heels specifically so we talk about them! It's part of her thing!"

Larry the cat looks on as Theresa May arrives in animal-print flats for her last cabinet meeting as home secretary on Tuesday Credit: PA

McVey suggests the prime minister-in-waiting's lack of sartorial conformity probably "brings a smile" to her face in cabinet meetings.

To see a little bit of personality on her feet ... and that she has got a sense of humour and that she has got something else to say ... it's a subtle way of giving away a little bit of her personality.

– Former Tory minister Esther McVey

Sam Olsen, former campaign manager and friend of May, adds that the shoes are "a part of her personality - a glimpse of something that is different to the cool calm exterior, which people like."

ITV News reporter Sally Biddulph says that analysis of what women wear when they are in the public eye is wrong, but it comes with the territory.

"As a woman, she will always be scrutinised for what she wears," Biddulph says. "Is it right? No. Is it the status quo? Yes. I get tweets all the time about what I'm wearing on screen and whether viewers like it, good and bad."

Sally Biddulph says viewers regularly comment on what she wears

It doesn't bother me whether Theresa May wears wellies or diamond-encrusted kitten heels. Can she govern? That is all that matters, especially now post Brexit."

– ITV News reporter Sally Biddulph

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