Who will be in Theresa May's cabinet?

Theresa May arrives in Downing Street, London, for the final Cabinet meeting with David Cameron as Prime Minister. Credit: PA

Initial thoughts about the May cabinet - which I am putting out now in the hope that you will have forgotten them when they all turn out wrong.


Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond - who is currently foreign secretary. Although a Remainer, and therefore toxic to some of the Leave ultras, he is seen as a steady technocrat for the challenging economic times ahead.

A possible alternative for the de facto number two in government: Justine Greening. She is close to May (if anyone is). She is seen as having been highly competent as chief secretary to Treasury, transport, and international development (where she is now). The symbolism of appointing a lesbian to such a top job would be powerful.

Minister for Brexit

Chris Grayling

This is a new post. Arguably as powerful as Chancellor, given that economic and social fate of the nation rests on how skillfully we manage our withdrawal from EU and what kind of continuing relationship we can negotiate with it. The hot favourite for this is Leaver Chris Grayling - current leader of House.

A possible alternative is David Davis - a super bright Leaver who has been out of the government since 1990s. He is a professional troublemaker, so not loved by all.

Foreign secretary

George Osborne

The controversial choice would be George Osborne - the biggest beast in the Tory party but a hugely divisive character (loathed by many Leavers in particular). If the job was focused on what he is currently doing, currently negotiating trade deals for post Brexit world, it could be his.

An alternative is Liam Fox. The intellectual in the Leavers' camp, but perhaps a bit too neo-con for May.

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