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Theresa May's new Cabinet in numbers

Theresa May's new cabinet has some marked differences to David Cameron's last one.

There is now only one old Etonian left in the cabinet after Theresa May put an emphasis on promoting state-educated colleagues to a number of top posts. And hers is a bit older and a bit more experienced.

Here are some of the key stats:

David Davis, at 67, is the oldest member of the cabinet Credit: PA
age of oldest cabinet minister, David Davis
average age of cabinet ministers - one year older than average age of Cameron's last one
Boris Johnson is the only old Etonian left in the cabinet Credit: PA
number of old Etonians left (Boris Johnson)
number of years (on average) spent as an MP
The eight women in the cabinet Credit: PA
number of women in the cabinet (just over one-third)
number of MPs who voted to remain inside the EU
Patrick McLoughlin is the only member of cabinet who did not attend university Credit: PA
number of MPs who attended an Oxbridge university. Only one did not attend university.

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