Steven Woolfe launches Ukip leadership bid

Steven Woolfe has launched a bid to succeed Nigel Farage as Ukip leader.

Mr Woolfe vowed to "ruthlessly" go after Labour voters, saying Ukip has "won the argument" for managed immigration.

The MEP for North West England also promised to drive a new focus on improving social mobility and professionalise the party.

However, Mr Woolfe maintained that Ukip would remain the "people's army" Nigel Farage created.

Mr Woolfe insisted Ukip would be a force for good, adding: "Millions of people up and down our nation have no say in this country as this country has not invested in them.

"It has left them on lower wages with poor schools, long waiting lists at hospitals, and they have been called stupid, racist and ignorant when they express valid concerns about the direction we are heading."

Fellow MEP Jonathan Arnott is the only other Ukip member to announce his candidacy for leadership of the party.