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'That' bus gets a Greenpeace makeover to replace 'lies' with 10,000 questions for the new government

Greenpeace are covering the 'Brexit battle bus' outside Parliament Credit: ITV News

Greenpeace has got hold of the famous "Brexit battle bus" and is giving it a high-profile makeover outside Parliament to ask for "truth" from the government.

The environmental group has called on the public to submit questions for Theresa May and her cabinet and is displaying them on stickers over the top of what it calls the Leave campaign's "lies" about EU funding.

The public's questions are forming a montage that will spell out the words "TIME FOR TRUTH" in huge white letters for the stunt.

During campaigning ahead of last month's EU referendum, the bright red bus displayed the widely criticised claim that Britain sends £350 million a week to the EU and Brexit would allow the figure to "fund our NHS instead".

Leave campaigner Boris Johnson during campaigning Credit: PA

Greenpeace says it is also aiming to draw attention to the prime minister's decision to scrap the Department of Energy and Climate Change and hand leading Leave campaigners top jobs in her new government.

The group's Ben Stewart told ITV News that Greenpeace has hired the exact same bus that was used by the Leave campaign. It asked the firm that owns the bus, which is usually silver, to reapply the Leave campaign group's slogans for the stunt.

Stewart confirmed that questions submitted by the public for inclusion on the bus have come from both Leave and Remain voters.

The referendum campaign was marred by exaggerations and lies, but now we need the truth. That's why we're covering Boris Johnson's battle bus with thousands of questions for the new Government from Leave and Remain voters.

People want to know what ministers will do to keep our rivers and beaches clean once EU environment laws no longer apply in Britain.

They want to know what the Government will do about air pollution and climate change after we Brexit. Some just want to know if their European friends will be allowed to stay here. Only 329 MPs got to vote on who the next prime minister would be. The public didn't get a say, they want answers about the future, and this time they want the truth.

– Greenpeace executive director John Sauven

Questions for the new government to feature on the bus:

  • "Are you honouring the promise to give £350 million weekly tothe NHS? If not, what are your plans to fund the NHS to keep it on a par withthe funding of their health services by our EU neighbours? - Helen
  • “When I was young, raw sewage and industrial effluent was being poured into our rivers. Now the rivers are clean enough to bring fish to our cities. Are you going to keep our rivers, landscapes and atmosphere clea nor are you going to go backwards?” - Paul from Worthing
  • How will funding for scientific research be safe-guarded? Currently there is a lot of collaboration between UK and European scientists,but how will these research projects be funded if Britain is out-side the EU? - Saranna, Westerham