Melania Trump's speech: A deeply embarrassing own-goal for the Trump campaign

This was some own-goal. An embarrassing self-inflicted campaign wound. Political malpractice.

Melania Trump, the former Slovenian fashion model, was being introduced as a potential First Lady to the American people.

Her speech was highly anticipated; six weeks in the making, we were informed; the highlight of the opening day of the Republican convention in Cleveland.

I was on the floor of the arena when she gave it. Delegates lapped it up. The speech was a great success.

But...oops. Cleveland, we have a problem.

She had stolen a whole section of the speech. Well, let's be fair. She may not have plagiarised it. Maybe her speechwriting team had.

Someone had clearly taken six or seven sentences from the 2008 convention speech delivered by Michelle Obama and inserted them into Melania's address.

It overshadows the first day of this convention, deeply embarrassing the fiercely defensive and protective Trump family.

I know one thing. If you are Melania's speechwriter, head for the hills. Your career has come to a spectacular end. And try not to meet Donald on your way out of Trump Tower.