We must make Brexit work, Theresa May tells ministers

Theresa May has told senior ministers they have a responsibility to make Brexit work for all the UK and "not just the privileged few".

The new Prime Minister, who is to hold her first cabinet meeting on Tuesday, said her administration will not be "defined" by Brexit but will take advantage of opportunities presented by leaving the EU.

May will also hold her first National Security Council session, discussing the global threats facing the UK and Britons overseas.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, she said:

Brexit means Brexit - and we're going to make a success of it. It will be the responsibility of everyone sitting around the Cabinet table to make Brexit work for Britain. And it will also be their duty to deliver success on behalf of everyone in the UK, not just the privileged few. That is why social justice will be at the heart of my Government. So, we will not allow the country to be defined by Brexit; but instead build the education, skills and social mobility to allow everyone to prosper from the opportunities of leaving the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May