Divided States of America: Who is supporting Donald Trump?

Much of the momentum behind the support for Donald Trump comes from people who say they've been ignored by the Washington establishment. He's gathered huge support among the dispossessed populations of America's former industrial heartlands, who feel economically disadvantaged and left behind.

In the last of our series, Divided States of America, ITV News has been to the city of Youngstown in Ohio to speak to some of Trump's supporters.

Youngstown is part of the American Rust Belt – once a thriving centre of America’s steel production until its collapse in the 1970s. Now all that remains of the industry are abandoned factories.

Youngstown's population is shrinking and more than 40% of people there live below the poverty line.

We asked three people who are angry about the current state of the city why they think the solution to their problems lies with Donald Trump.

  • Geno DiFabio

Geno, a 53-year-old married truck driver, has lived in Youngstown his whole life.

He was a registered Democrat since the age of 18 until he switched to vote for Trump at the presidential primary in March.

Hillary is saying we are going to put a lot of coal companies out of business, well that is insane that’s out lifeblood. A lot of my friends are worried, I lost friends that worked here.

Geno DiFabio
  • Bernard Schaefer

Bernard Schaefer Credit: ITV News

Bernard, 81, is fed up with the Washington establishment and is supporting Trump.

I am definitely for Donald Trump for president. He will make this country great again, I believe he will.

Bernard Schaefer
  • Kathy Miller

Kathy Miller Credit: ITV News

Kathy Miller, 69, grew up in Youngstown and now lives in Boardman, a suburb in the south of the city. She is a real estate business owner is the chairperson for the Trump campaign in Mahoning County and Youngstown.

There's a real sense that we're really running out of time. We've got to get it together, I see Mr Trump as a person who has that energy, that ability. He's not going to take any crap from people. And he’s gonna get it done.

Kathy Miller