Fears for British mother who flew to Tunisia for divorce

Relatives have not heard from Melissa Everest since she flew to Tunisia Credit: PA

The family of a British mother are growing increasingly concerned after she travelled to Tunisia to attend divorce proceedings but has failed to return.

Relatives of Melissa Everest from West Sussex, have taken to Facebook to say they have not heard from her since she failed to catch her flight home which is "completely out of character".

The 44-year-old flew to the capital Tunis on the 6th July for divorce proceedings involving her 23-year-old estranged husband Adem Brins Harrabi.

Mrs Everest attended court as planned and was due to fly home on the 14th July as the case was adjourned to a later date, her sister said.

The family say they are unable to reach Melissa as her mobile phone goes straight to voicemail and it has been a week since they heard from her.

Not contacting us is completely out of character for Melissa. She would not want to cause us to worry and she would be honest with us if she wanted to stay.

Melissa Everest's sister Heidi Everest-Gourlay

However, Sussex Police say Tunisian authorities found Mrs Everest and she confirmed to them that she was in Tunisia of her own free will.

But until her family hear from Mrs Everest directly they say they will not accept she is safe.

Speaking from Tunisia, Mr Harrabi told a news agency: "Everything is alright. She is in Tunis and that's all I have to say. She is well, and she is OK. Nothing has happened to her."

The couple met on a summer holiday in Tunisia last year after going through a divorce. They married there in August last year but their relationship broke down.