Tory MPs delighted as May 'wipes the floor' with Corbyn

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced off for the first time at PMQs.

Conservative MPs could not have been happier with Theresa May's first outing at Prime Minister's Questions and in the press gallery too there was consensus that she had "wiped the floor with" Jeremy Corbyn.

At one point as Mrs May dropped the tone of her voice to deliver a key line, Conservative ears detected a hint of Maggie (Thatcher) and Tory hearts quickened.

The prime minister showed more humour than some were aware she was capable of, joking about unscrupulous employers who asked their employees to take on too many responsibilities whilst looking at Jeremy Corbyn. (The Labour Party then provided their own punchline by appointing Emily Thornberry as Shadow Brexit Minister on top of her job as Shadow Foreign Secretary.)

Jeremy Corbyn seemed irked by her approach as the session went on.

He did threaten to score a point when he questioned Mrs May on some of Boris Johnson's racist sounding gaffes over the years. She didn't answer. He decided not to press the point.

This is what has many Labour MPs holding their heads in their hands after PMQs.

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