Pensioner caught speeding tells police he was going 115mph because he needed loo

A pensioner caught speeding at 115mph told police he was going so fast - because he needed the toilet.

The man, who is in his 70s, told police he didn't slow down when they gave chase down a stretch of the M55 as he was desperate for a wee.

He eventually stopped when he pulled into a Tesco supermarket in Blackpool to relieve himself.

Lancashire Road Police tweeted a picture of the man's Hyundai with the caption:

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: "A patrol car came on to the M55 at junction 3 and saw the Hyundai in the outside lane at high speed driving towards Blackpool. We followed him and signalled for him to stop at junction four.

"He didn't stop - but didn't speed off either - and turned towards Tesco.

"We again signalled for him to stop and caught up with him at the retail park.

"A man in his 70s has now been reported for summons for speeding offences.

"He told us he knew we were there but was desperate for the toilet so didn't stop."

The driver has not been named by police.