Real Stories: The unsung hero of 7/7

Imran has never spoken out about his act of heroism on the day of the 7/7 bombings, until now Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Tonight on Real Stories, an unsung hero of the 7/7 terror attacks tells Ranvir Singh how he became a lifesaver on the awful day that terror visited the capital.

Working at the underground station, Imran found himself caught up in the chaos. He has never spoken on TV about his selfless acts of heroism on that day, until now.

In the immediate aftermath without any emergency services, the then 23-year-old graduate was the first on the scene. The young tube worker battled for two and a half hours to tend terribly-injured victims, risking his own life.

After struggling with the events that happened that day, eleven years on, he now feels ready to share his story.

Watch our teaser video below to see what is to come in tonight's episode of Real Stories:

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