Teenager becomes 'first person killed playing Pokémon Go'

A teenager is believed to have become the first person to be killed while playing Pokémon Go.

According to reports, Jerson Lopez de Leon was shot dead while playing the popular game on the streets of Guatemala.

The 18 year old was believed to have been with his younger cousin at the time, who was badly injured in the shooting.

Police are investigating what caused the violence in Chiquimula, which is 120 miles from Guatemala City.

The victim's mother, Rosalinda, is reported to have said that her son was in bed before receiving a message from his cousin asking him to go out.

His death is the latest in a series of incidents involving the game which has swept the globe.

Police in Baltimore, USA, released footage of a driver hitting a parked patrol car while playing Pokémon Go.

No one was injured in the incident.

Elsewhere, a Pokémon Go player was stabbed and another user assaulted in North Carolina, while in Florida a man fired several shots at two late-night players near his house.