Bank customers are being warned to stay alert after a new distraction scam sweeps the country.

The scam has led Barclays to release a video on how you can best avoid being a victim.

The video shows a 'customer' being distracted at a cash machine for just a matter of seconds whilst 'fraudsters' swap the man's card and steal his money.

According to Financial Fraud Action UK, fraud at ATM's rose by one fifth to £32.7 million last year.

Credit: Barclays
Credit: Barclays
Credit: Barclays
  • What is a distraction scam?

A distraction scam involves someone trying to obtain your PIN, card or money whilst you're at a cash machine.

Below is a useful guide on how to protect your cards:

  • Cover your PIN when you're at a cash machine or pay in shops

  • Ignore anyone who speaks to you whilst you're at a cash point - even if they appear to be helpful

  • Don't use a cash machine if it - or anyone around it - looks suspicious

  • Contact your bank immediately if you think your PIN, card or other security details have been compromised

  • Don't let anyone distract you when you're at a cash machine