Nine people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a shopping centre in Munich - seven of whom were reportedly teenagers.

The shooter, named in reports as David Ali Sonboly, is believed to have hacked a Facebook account to lure a larger group to the McDonald's near the Olympia centre by offering free food.

He opened fire shortly before 6pm on Friday, before moving outside.

Tributes have been paid to those who lost their lives in the attack.

  • Dijamant Zabergja

Naim Zabergja, a former Kosovo Police officer now living in Munich, confirmed the death of his 21-year-old son Dijamant via Facebook.

He also appeared at the scene of the shooting clutching a photograph.

Dijamant Zabergja Credit: Facebook
  • Armela Segashi

After a message appealing for information on the whereabouts of his sister Armela following the shooting, Arbnor Segashi later took to Facebook to confirm she had died.

The distraught brother, whose profile says he is originally from Serbia but now lives in Munich, posted messages in both German and Albanian paying tribute to a "beloved daughter, sister, and girlfriend".

Armela Segashi Credit: Facebook
  • Can Layla

Messages of grief have poured in for 15-year-old Can Layla, originally from Turkey.

He was reportedly friends with a number of others killed, and had been with them on the evening of the attack.

Can Layla Credit: Facebook
  • Sabina Sulaj

Sabina Sulaj, of Kosovan descent, was among those killed.

Paying tribute on Facebook, one friend wrote: “Sabi, you were an angel, always you came to me when I felt bad, took me into your arms and made me laugh. I love you, rest in peace my darling."

Sabina Sulaj Credit: Facebook
  • Gulliano Kollman

Eighteen-year-old football fan Gulliano Kollman, from Germany, was among those killed.

  • Huseyin Dayicik

Huseyin Dayicik, aged 17, reportedly saved his twin sister's life by pushing her out of the way when the gunman opened fire.

  • Sevda Dag

Sevda Dag, from Turkey, was among those killed.

  • Selcuk Kilic

Selcuk Kilic, from Turkey, was among those killed.