Jack Letts, the 20-year-old Briton in Syria dubbed "Jihadi Jack", has denied he is a member of so-called Islamic State.

Oxford-born Letts insisted he has "no regrets" about travelling to the war-torn country two years ago, explaining he went to study and is not "currently" a fighter.

In an interview with Channel 4 News, the British Muslim convert - accused of linking up with Islamic State - said he travelled to Syria "searching for the truth".

Jack Letts is accused of fighting with Islamic State Credit: Reuters

Asked whether he would be viewed as a terrorist, Letts explained that he would under the English law because he opposes a "non-Islamic system".

His parents, John Letts and Sally Lane, later face trial over allegations they sent their son £1,700 while he was abroad.

In an interview, Letts told Channel 4 News he had met "some very good knowledgeable people" while in Syria.

Asked if he's a terrorist, Letts said: "Do you mean by the English Government's definition, that anyone that opposes a non-Islamic system and man-made laws?

"Then, of course, by that definition, I suppose they'd say I'm a terrorist, khalas {done}".

Asked if he is a fighter., he responded: "Khalas, they'll say what they want. Currently I'm not. But, khalas, they'll say what they want".

Asked whether he is an Isis fighter, he said: "I'm not and nor do I agree with a lot of what they follow".

No, I don't plan on going back to England.

Jack Letts

Letts called on his parents to convert to Islam, while maintaining he has no intention of coming back to the UK.

He said that he only misses treats back in England such as kebabs and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.