'Why are Ucas sending me tampons?' A-level students puzzled by surprise package from uni admissions service

Hundreds of A-level students have been sent a surprise package of tampons and sanitary pads in the post by Ucas, the university applications service, and naturally questions are being asked.

"Ucas can send me free pads and tampons but make me wait months to let me know if I've got into uni?????" one university-wannabe wrote on Twitter, as dozens more took to social media over the unusual correspondence.

"Why is UCAS sending me tampons?! Thanks but I'd rather know if I've got into uni," another wrote.

One student shared an email from the University and Colleges Admissions Service that showed they had teamed up with Procter and Gamble for the gifts, so "you can stay your fresh and confident self as you prepare for whatever next year brings."

Ucas told the Evening Standard said it thought the freebie would be useful to the students.